Sativa Cannabis Seed Shop: Sativa species thrives mainly in regions such as Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica or Mexico. It has bright leaves and large flowers and generally grows higher and narrower than the Indica plant. The flowering period of sativa is longer and is between nine and twelve weeks. Sativa creates a noticeable high and an energetic, inspiring state. Cannabis Sativa can also be attention-grabbing and focusing. Anxiety and stressful situations are also reduced.

Indica Cannabis Seed Shop: Indica species are native to East Asia, India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are dark green and slightly shorter and more compact than the sativa plants. The Indica flowers have a distinctive fragrance and an extraordinary amount of resin. The flowering period of indica is only six to nine weeks. Due to the low growth height, it is perfect for indoor cultivation. 

Indica has a calming and relaxing effect and can also make you sleepy in higher doses. Especially with chronic pain, indica can also have an analgesic effect and reduce headaches and migraines. For acute stress and anxiety symptoms, this strain is also helpful.